Paige Bradley: The True Impact of Economic Empowerment

The True Impact of Economic Empowerment

When we think of a poor woman starting her own business, the tangible benefits are easy to imagine. Income to meet basic needs like clean water, food and shelter. Better health and even access to education for her family.

These benefits are important, leading to better conditions for whole communities.

And yet there’s more that happens when a woman begins a journey toward economic freedom. And the impact is profound.

She gains a belief that her life can be more than struggle and hardship. With opportunity comes the possibility to hope – for herself, her family, her future.

Since starting with Women’s Empowerment in September, I’ve spoken with dozens of you about our work. I’ve seen your passion for our mission; I’ve seen your devotion to helping vulnerable women around the world.

And dozens more like you are joining our cause. You inspire our work everyday and for that, I thank you. 

Now, as we look ahead together to an exciting year at WE, I invite you to continue the conversation. What inspires you about Women’s Empowerment? Do you have a favorite WE project or success story?

100% of WE’s support comes from donors like you. Committed change-makers whose generosity is making this world more equitable and just for the neediest among us.

So this year, let’s continue making that change together. With your support, WE will fund microloans and poverty reduction strategies in five of the world’s poorest areas. Every month, you will read about those projects here – and stay up-to-date on the work that simply would not be possible without you.

So thank you for standing with WE as we continue to empower women and change the world. I look forward to working with you.

With warmest wishes for 2017,

Paige Bradley

Executive Director

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