Other Partners

Women's Empowerment partnered with PCI, formerly Project Concern International, for an 18-month pilot project to develop self-managed and self-sustaining village savings groups for low-income Latino, Filipino, and East African women in San Diego. This pilot attempting to adapt the concept of Village Savings Groups, which are highly successful in rural areas of other countries, to the urban, developed environment of the United States. 

In Mexico, Women's Empowerment has worked with Grameen de la Frontera (GDLF), a lending organization that is a replica of the pioneering Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. It is located in the state of Sonora, about 700 miles southeast of San Diego.

Founded in 2000, GDLF now serves about 2,600 rural women in about 70 village centers. Loans to these women range from 1,000 to 10,000 pesos ($96 to $900 U.S. dollars). Most of the women's businesses are conducted in the home, and all products and services are sold within the nearby rural community.

  • Provides loans that average $125 to poor women, and larger Entrepreneur Club loans of $500-$5,000 to more established entrepreneurs in Pokuase, Ghana, a village outside Accra, Ghana's capital
  • Provides scholarships and after school enrichment program for girls
  • Partnership with WE was 2012-2014
  • WE funding: $60,000 through 2014