Reuniting her Family in Las Santa Cruz

Antolina Anaya Alvarez has efficiently used her talents and energy to start a small grocery business and take a leadership role as president of her loan group in Las Santa Cruz.  When an aunt relocated, Antolina took over her loan from Grameen de la Frontera, WE’s partner bank for the poor in Sonora, Mexico. With the loan, she opened her store. The results of her small loan helped her both financially and personally.  Her husband who had been supporting the family by working in Tijuana, Mexico, was able to return home to help in the grocery store.

The business flourished, enabling the couple to save money to later purchase tools for her husband’s tire repair business. 

Antolina has recently increased her loan and continues to see improvement in the quality of life for their children.  Her hard work, enterprising determination, and frugality have benefited her entire family.