Among the principles, qualities and standards that WE treasures are:

Collegiality/Collaboration: fostering an environment in which all perspectives are valued, and we try to understand each other’s views and reality, even when that outlook radically differs from our own.

Fairness/equity/justice: treating all people fairly, equally and with kindness and tolerance.

Compassion: trying to understand the other person’s circumstances; ensuring the quality of life for those in need; and keeping the fire going in everyone’s heart.

Integrity/honesty: being straightforward; saying what we mean and meaning what we say; living honestly; demonstrating that everything we do can be trusted, and living up to the trust that others have placed in us.

Thoughtfulness: basing our actions on introspection and intuition that lead to creativity and proactivity.

Connection to the environment: seeing the world as one whole living system, and showing respect for the spirit residing in everything and everyone.

Responsible Action: acknowledging our duty and responsibility to make the world a better place, and responding in an effective way that fosters hopefulness for the future, instills a vision of what can be, and draws others forward in a positive way.

Education: believing that our actions and decisions must be based in knowledge and research, and that we have an obligation to educate ourselves and others for the betterment of the world.

Excellence: striving toward the best we can do and be.

Accountability + acknowledgment + acceptance: these values create the inclusion that brings people together.

Nonpartisanship: abiding by the spirit and letter of the Internal Revenue Service’s requirement for 501(c)(3) organizations, WE’s mission, activities and communications are strictly nonpartisan.