WE’s Mission

The mission of Women’s Empowerment International (WE) is to give women the tools they need to work their way out of poverty. In partnership with nonprofit microfinance organizations, WE provides small, repayable business loans and services for women and supports other poverty-reduction strategies in places where WE can make a difference. WE’s commitment is to education, to mutual communication, and to furthering the worldwide effort to alleviate poverty.

Our Vision

With a strong sense of oneness and solidarity with women globally, WE envisions a world without poverty in which women are empowered, uplifted, and full partners in society. Under this vision, women live in a safe and sustainable environment that includes adequate food, housing, education and health care. They possess the tools to provide a better life for themselves and their families and they have hope, self-esteem and the ability to control their lives and destinies.

WE embraces its responsibility to make the world a better place, and to alleviate poverty in an effective way that fosters hopefulness for the future, instills a vision of what can be, and draws others forward in a positive way.

To achieve these ends, WE and its members:

    • Help poor women break the cycle of poverty, through microfinance and other effective strategies;
    • Advocate strongly for the poor;
    • Work within an environment that reflects a willingness to be open to another’s perspective and reality, and in which we show kindness, respect and tolerance toward each other;
    • Are international, inclusive and diverse in our message, focus, community, partnerships and programs;
    • Exercise evidence-based decision making, grounding our actions and decisions in knowledge and research, and constantly educating ourselves and others on poverty and effective poverty-alleviation strategies;
    • Engage in mutually empowering two-way communications and activities with women across the globe, and
    • Demonstrate the highest integrity, standards of excellence, and mutual respect in all that we do, living up to the trust that others have placed in us.

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